Tremont Sammamish

The Tremont Homeowners Association oversees the Tremont community located off SE 48th Street on 231st Pl SE in Sammamish WA and includes a total of 41 homes.


Monthly Dues


Q: I would like to stay connected with my neighbors. Are there any online groups I can join?
A: Yes, our neighborhood has both a Facebook group and a WhatsApp group. Neighbors ask for recommendations and share information on these social groups.
Q: I would like to paint my fence, my home, or build a structure in my backyard. Where do I get permission for this?
A: Visit the architectural request page for more information.
Q: Does our neighborhood have an annual social event?
A: Neighbors plan social events ad hoc on the Facebook group page.
Q: Where do I find HOA documents for selling my home?
A: Visit the documents page.
Q: I would like to pay my HOA dues by Automatic Payment. Is there a form I can fill out and send in?
A: Visit the documents page.
Q: Where do I find my HOA billing statement for a home refinance?
A: Either send an email to or call Morris Management (866-341-9568) and ask for a copy. Takes 2-3 business days.
Q: What services are available in the Tremont neighborhood? For example, what company provides trash pickup?
A: Visit the services and links page for this information.
Q: Is there a Tremont neighborhood directory?
A: Visit the directory page.
Q: How do I contact Tremont's property manager, the board, or make a suggestion for this website?
A: Visit the contact page for more information.